How to make a basket of paper

How to make a basket of paper

Sometimes there is a question how it is beautiful and original to present a gift to leave about itself unforgettable impression. Of course, it is possible to wrap it in beautiful gift paper which will be thrown out then. And if to put a gift in the small basket from paper decorated with flowers and other elements, the delight of the presented will surpass all your expectations.

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Process of production of a small basket of paper is very simple, will not take away from you a lot of time and all necessary materials are in each house. Take a leaf of a cardboard with the equal parties as a basis, that is it has to be square. Divide a leaf, having measured a ruler, on 9 identical squares: rub - in the top row, three – on average and three in lower.


Draw lines a pencil. Cut through scissors two lines in the lower and top ranks to the central square, lateral remain whole. Make bends on lines to the central square. Connect two lateral squares from a row in which you made cuts, from outer side.


The average square of this row remains inside. To it you will also paste the bent squares. It is necessary to connect not strictly on lines (differently the basket will turn out not capacious) and that the top part had a triangle top form. Make also on the other hand. Cut out a strip for the handle of your small basket from the same paper. Paste it from the inside.


As ornament use a ribbon. Paste over with a tape the top and lower part of a small basket. The central part can be decorated paper with flowers. For this purpose cut out from color paper a simple flower in the form of a camomile. Cut out the second and third the smaller size.


Glue the received florets in the middle, spreading small on average, and average on the big. Paste to a small basket.


In a core paste a circle from yellow paper. Such with flowers it is possible to decorate a small basket from four parties. And it is possible to leave one party pure and by means of brilliant nail varnish to make a beautiful inscription: "I congratulate!".