How to behave in the Czech Republic

How to behave in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic - the small European country which tourists like to visit. The soft climate, abundance of historical monuments, excellent kitchen, the well-known Czech beer moreover and rather quite good service annually attract a huge number of people here - in tens times more, than in it lives aboriginals. But that your travel was pleasant, perhaps, you should know a little more how to communicate with local population that here is accepted and that never you should not do.

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If you wishIf you wish to feel more comfortably in this country, try to learn some the most common Czech words before a trip and buy a small phrasebook. It will be easier for you to come into contacts with local population even if you will be only some days here. But also it is very good if you can communicate in English or in German. By the way, many elderly Czechs perfectly know also Russian.

Czechs in the main weight polite and contact people though they are very reserved and even can seem to you detached, closed, unsmiling. But after all they do not know you at all and are not obliged to rush with pleasure to you on a meeting! Be polite, surely greet the service personnel in hotel, guides, sellers in shops and bartenders. Do the same if you had a need to specify the route, you got lost or something look for. As a rule, Czechs do not deny the assistance.

Try to be punctual. If you made an appointment or excursion, arrive on time. First, this quality is very much highly appreciated (and not only in the Czech Republic) and, secondly, you will have no need to hurry. Haste, fussiness, bustle look silly and ridiculously in the opinion of quiet and slow Czechs.

Be not pushed in turn and do not force the way forward. To be indignant and somehow it is not necessary to show discontent concerning an excessive waste of time too. If you are so impatient, why in general occupy turn?

If you arrived for the purpose of visit of various monuments and sights, you for certain should visit at least one of a set of the churches operating and well visited by believers. Remember that the entrance to the temple means a certain clothes style. Women should not come in trousers and miniskirts, with the bared shoulders or a breast. Providently take with yourself pareo or an easy scarf cape, and if necessary you will be able to tie it round a waist or to throw over shoulders. Men should not enter a church in shorts. Better at once put on trousers walk.

To define, whether this or that restaurant suits you (its prices, a choice of dishes, etc.), it is not obligatory to come into it. Usually near an entrance, on a special board, you will meet necessary information. If came to eat, be going to pay tip. As a rule, it is 5-10% of the sum which is put down in the account. Also remember that Czechs make thrifty use of food. Be not surprised that they will be dissatisfied if you leave, having left on the plate something from food untouched.

Surely buy tickets for transport and do not forget to fix time of your entrance to the subway, the tram or the funicular. Controlers here strict, and heavy fines.

In the Czech Republic, as well as in other countries of the world, you can face theft. Do not leave the personal belongings without supervision. The large sums of money and documents need to be stored in the safe of hotel. Besides, it is better to make, just in case, photocopies of documents and to store them in a suitcase.