How to change photo volume

How to change photo volume

With the advent of cameras with the matrix exceeding 10 megapixels, the sizes of usual photos start getting simply inconceivable sizes. And if it is necessary to send the image by e-mail or to load on the site, it develops into the real problem. However there are ways allowing to reduce with little effort photo volume.

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Adobe Photoshop

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The most economic format of the image by the size is considered JPG therefore if your photo has other format, it is necessary to change it simply. It is possible to make it by means of many programs, in particular, by means of Adobe Photoshop. Open the photo (the File - to Open) and keep it (The file – to Keep as …), having chosen JPEG file type. The difference in volume between TIFF and JPG can sometimes be very considerable.


Other way to reduce the size of the photo is to change quality of the image. It can be made in the same Photoshop. Open the photo and keep it. Before writing down the saved file, Photoshop will suggest you to choose quality of the kept picture. Moving the slider to the left-to the right, you will see nearby as the size of future file changes.


If you want to see, what changes with the photo will make your manipulations, keep the photo for Web (The file – to Keep for Web …). On the right, in the section "Preset", it is possible to change the preset quality settings (high, average, low) or to move the corresponding slider. After a choice of new value, change will immediately be displayed in the photo. For saving of the image press "Save".


Well and at last, the most radical way of reduction of volume of the photo change of its size is. Our permanent Photoshop can use. Having opened the photo, in the top menu will select the section "Image", and in it – "The image size". Here reduce photo width. Height thus will change in proportion. Keep the photo, having chosen necessary quality.


However, users of Windows 7 can change the size of the image and without Photoshop. For this purpose they need the standard Paint program (Start-up – All programs – Standard - Paint). Open the photo and in the Main tab, Izobrazheniye group, will choose "To change the size". There expose the necessary parameters and keep the photo.


And finally one more way to change the photo size. For this purpose it is possible to use free on-line services, for example this: By means of the Review button choose the necessary photo, set the necessary width and press "To change parameters". After that keep the photo to yourself on a disk.