How to put AKDS inoculation

How to put AKDS inoculation

The combined vaccine of AKDS is one of the most reaktogenny. However and an illness from which it protects (whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria), are quite dangerous. To avoid heavy side effects of an inoculation, it is important to do it against full health.

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The full course of vaccination against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus includes 4 introductions of a preparation. In an ideal the first 3 injections have to be made on the first year of life of the child: in 3, 4,5 and 6 months. And the fourth introduction — a revaccination — is carried out a year later after the third, i.e. in 18 months. However for various reasons inoculations often become not according to the recommended scheme. But if the vaccination course after all is ended, violation of terms has no impact on its efficiency.

Before carrying out an inoculation be convinced that the child is completely healthy. Make tests of urine and blood, consult with the children's neurologist. The facilitated vaccination — without koklyushny component can be done to the kids having these or those neurologic violations. In some cases it is better to postpone vaccination indefinitely at all.

In day of an inoculation take the child temperature. Even its slight increase is a reason for vaccination cancellation. Examine integuments of the kid: at detection of rash it is also best of all to wait a little with an inoculation. If the child since morning sluggish, whimsical, it is worth postponing vaccination for some days and to observe the baby. Perhaps, the beginning of a disease is the reason of such behavior, so the inoculation can worsen its current.

Just before an inoculation show the child to the pediatrician. The doctor will examine the kid, will be convinced that it is healthy and has no absolute or temporary contraindications to vaccination, and only then will grant permission for its carrying out.

Till 18 months the inoculation of AKDS becomes intramuscularly, in a hip. At more advanced age — in the top part of a hip. Introduction of a vaccine to a gluteus is undesirable because of high probability of emergence of local reaction.

After an inoculation days do not walk with the child and do not bathe him. Watch closely his health. At temperature increase give febrifugal, at emergence serious violations behavior of the baby — call the doctor.