How to make to the son on a birthday a congratulation

How to make to the son on a birthday a congratulation

Children like to receive on birthdays not only gifts, but also greeting cards and posters. It is important to pay attention and the organizational party of a holiday, and then the celebration will be remembered to your son for a long time.

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Consider specifics of psychology of boys: the majority of them does not like to receive clothes and footwear as gifts. What exactly to present to the son, choose depending on his age and personal preferences. It can be, for example, the interesting book, a technical toy, the designer. Delivery of a gift in the morning, right after motivation of the child can appear a big mistake of parents. It should be made in the middle of a holiday.

Compose the text of a congratulation. It not necessarily has to be poetic - also the prose will approach. Surely mention in it that fact that your son became more adult. Wish it success in study, hobbies.

As children wake up after parents, begin preparation for a holiday in advance. Decorate the room in which birthday, will be celebrated by the posters prepared beforehand, and also balls and the serpentine. Pack a gift into a box which then wrap up in decorative paper and tie up a tape. Do not expose it so far by sight. Set the table, but do not take out a pie with candles yet.

Before the invitation of the child and the invited friends at a table close curtains and turn off the light in the room. When your son settles down at a table, get a pie from the refrigerator, directly in kitchen put on it candles and light. Wait until other family member reads a congratulation then open a door, bring a pie and put it on a table. Let the child will blow on him into candles.

Now turn on the light and bring a box with a gift. Let's the son independently it open and to learn that presented to him. The invited friends can hand and the gifts now. Cut a pie and bring tea.

Continuing to celebrate a holiday, arrange cheerful games together with the invited friends, to carry out which it is possible, without leaving because of a table. It is possible to play anagrams, forfeits, a lotto, for example. The main thing - to choose such games which will be pleasant to all.