How to receive the visa to the unemployed

How to receive the visa to the unemployed

Existence at the applicant for the visa of permanent job is perceived by consular officials of many countries as confirmation of a financial solvency and at the same time the communication with the homeland guaranteeing return home. But it does not mean that at the person which that has no, is not present the slightest chance to receive the visa.

It is required to you

- standard package of documents for the visa;
- the confirmations of a financial solvency and communications with the homeland compensating absence of the reference from work.

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If the person with anybody does not consist in the labor relations, it not always means that he has no stable income.
Most convincingly the bank history for the period from 6 to 12 months, testifying to regular and impressive revenues to your account looks. You without effort receive the certificate of receipt of money for the account for this period in the bank. Of course, if such receipts are not present, it does not make sense to do this operation.


There are also consulates by which the reference from work is accepted only as one of confirmations of a financial solvency, and the certificate of existence on a current account of means from calculation not less minimum sum at the rate on day of stay (in each country the), the document on purchase of foreign currency or traveler's checks as an alternative is good.


As a last resort it is possible to use version of the so-called sponsor's letter. In this document the relative (that is more preferable) or the acquaintance of the applicant for the visa reports about the readiness to assume financing of a trip of the applicant for the visa.
Documentary proofs of a financial solvency of the sponsor have to enclose to the letter from among that are accepted by embassy in this quality (the reference from work, from bank, etc.).