How to put drivers for Canon printers

How to put drivers for Canon printers

The Canon company among the other makes peripheral computer devices for processing of images - copiers, printers, scanners, the combined devices. This production is very widely used with home computers and office workstations. As well as the majority of the peripheral equipment, such devices, including printers, demand for work of installation of drivers.

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Begin with the simplest option of installation of drivers of any peripherals - include food connected to a network and the computer of the printer. Their own bases of drivers which include thousands of names of various versions and producers are integrated into modern operating systems. At detection of each again connected OS device tries to identify it and to pick up the corresponding driver among available in the integrated set. If it works well, you will see the notice of a successful identification and installation of the printer - it will appear in the right bottom corner of a desktop, in a tray.

If this option does not work, use a disk with the software which has to be in a printer box. Install it in the device of reading optical disks and wait for emergence on the menu screen. If OS shows request for, whether it is possible to resolve the program of autostart, answer in the affirmative - emergence of this inquiry depends on the OS settings. In the menu select item of installation of the driver which can be formulated differently for different versions of the printer. Then there will begin work the special program - the master of installation. Simply follow its instructions, and it is quite probable that they will not be, and the master will make everything independently.

In the absence of an optical disk load the necessary install files from the Internet. Use for this purpose the Russian-speaking site Canon - the reference to its main page is given below. In the right column on this page there is a form for information search, to printer model relating to necessary to you. Use a form, load the adjusting file and start it. After that the master of installation of the printer described in the previous step will start working - follow its instructions before the end of process of installation of the driver.