How to organize a rock concert

How to organize a rock concert

Independently to organize a rock concert - business difficult. However there is nothing impossible! You can present pleasure from visit of a concert to all admirers of any known group, receive positive emotions from communication with musicians therefore try to undertake it.

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The first that it is worth making before the organization of a rock concert - request a technical rider from the administrator of a favorite band. Attentively study requirements to the room, think, whether there is in your city a platform with a suitable level of quality of a sound. Learn the desirable fee of musicians. It is better to do all this in advance, at least some months prior to a concert to manage to discuss subtleties of carrying out action with all interested persons and to prevent emergence of possible problems. Specify, whether musicians use the sound equipment, or it is necessary to look for the room intended for holding rock concerts with rather qualitative equipment in use.

When you already know technical requirements of musicians, it is a high time to attend to search of the suitable room for a concert. If the group is rather popular, and you are sure that a large number of people will wish to come to a concert, find the big platform intended for similar actions. Such is practically in each large city. Go on negotiations with the responsible person, specify, what their requirements to you as to the organizer of a concert, what rent for necessary you time.

If the conditions offered by representatives of a big concert venue suit you, begin joint preparation for holding a rock concert. If requirements are too rigid, or you are not sure that there will be many persons interested to visit a concert, try to address to the art director of any small club. As a rule, conditions of holding concerts in clubs softer and favorable to organizers.

When discussion of conditions with the administrator of group and owners of the room behind, it is a high time to pass to advertizing of your action. Prepare enough posters, stick them on bulletin boards. Carry out information mailing for admirers of this group on the Internet, create a meeting on social networks and invite there as the bigger number of people that learned about plans for holding a rock concert as is possible the bigger number of people is possible. If you plan to collect a large number of people, redeem some billboards at least for a month, your investments will surely pay off.