How to collect a big puzzle

How to collect a big puzzle

Assembly of a big puzzle – first fascinating, and then such tiresome process. Those people, whose hobby was a collecting from small slices of big cloths, open the secrets considerably facilitating process.

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If you have no wide experience in assembly, the maximum quantity of slices in a puzzle has to be no more than 500. Saving up experience, over time you will be able to overcome and puzzles in 10 000 slices. Otherwise you simply will not have patience. Also you should not take at once pictures with very difficult image. Choose large drawings, for example: the boat to the sea, the car, the animated character.


Before pouring out slices of a puzzle and to start it collecting, prepare a piece of a cardboard or plywood on which the collected puzzle, after all occupation this very long therefore at once it is necessary to take care of that during breaks the puzzle did not move will be located.


The first stage – vykladyvany frames. Choose from a multi-colored heap of a detail which go on edge – they have one or two parties absolutely equal. This stage idle time


Further usually rise to the deadlock. Starting touching laboriously slices in search of necessary, you will waste a lot of time, forces and patience. That it did not happen to you, take some boxes or cans and spread out on them details of one color, or belonging to one fragment.


Having grouped details in some sign, start a vykladyvaniye of fragments. Having collected 1 fragment, it is desirable to pass to a puzzle site, adjacent to it. Working thus, passing from a fragment to a fragment, you will not notice how before you the integral picture will begin to appear.


Having collected a puzzle, you for certain will not want to put it back in a box. Here some options – to paste a detail behind a detail on a big leaf, to cover from above with transparent glue or a film. It is possible to issue a picture, having inserted into a standard frame with a passe-partout. But, most likely, you will not manage to find a ready frame. Address in a bagetny workshop, having provided them data on width and height of a mosaic. The cost of such frame together with glass varies from 300 to 500 rubles.