How to issue a letter cap

How to issue a letter cap

Activity of any company is inconceivable without business correspondence. Naturally, as well as all official documentation, registration of the business letter, its contents, style and language are strictly regulated. Such requirements are imposed both to the letter, and to his "cap" - information preceding the main text.

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Study the general requirements established to registration of business documentation. The main regulating document is GOST P 6.30-2003 today, it extends on all types of the unified documents to which also business letters belong. Study those requirements which you will need to know when writing a cap of the letter, learn that is a part of requisites, requirements to documentation requisites, forms of letters.

For writing of business missives use the form of your enterprise which has to be printed on a standard sheet of writing white paper of the A4 format. On the form the logo and full name of your enterprise, its requisites, the postal address, contact phones, the fax and the e-mail address to which it is possible to contact administration has to be surely specified. If you represent the state organization, pay attention that requirements to the image of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation which are also established in GOST P 6.30-2003 were observed.

In a letter cap, in the left top corner, the field for letter heading is provided. In it you have to in one offer formulate that question which will be considered in the main text of the letter. It will help the head or other official to whom the letter is directed, to define whom to invite as the consultant for a case in point or to whom to charge the solution of a question of this letter.

In the right top corner write a position, the organization, a surname and the addressee's initials, specify the postal index and the address to which it will be necessary to send the letter. If your addressee has scientific ranks, they can also be reflected before his surname.

The address is also included into a letter cap. Begin it with words: "Respected …" also address to the official on a name and a middle name. If they are unknown to you, can recognize them, having addressed to the secretariat of that organization where you write the letter.