How to Russify dc

How to Russify dc

DC ++ are represented by the client of a file exchange network for the Windows operating system, differs in stability of updatings, reliability of work. Allows to download the file at the same time from several sources and comprises functionality of a chat.

It is required to you

- computer;
- Internet.

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Load the install file of the program DC ++, for this purpose follow the link also save the file on the computer. Start it, choose the necessary elements of the program for installation. Press "Further". Choose the folder for installation of the appendix. After the termination click Close.

Execute russification of the client of DC ++. In the beginning load the file with the translation. For this purpose follow the link, in the menu choose the necessary version of the translation of the interface of the program on the right, press according to the reference for downloading the file of a Russifier of DC ++ the right button of a mouse and choose "To keep object as". Specify the folder for downloading. Wait until the file is loaded on the computer.

Open the folder with the loaded file, right-click according to it and choose the "Take in the Current Folder" command. Then copy the unpacked file in the *.xml format. in a directory with the installed application DC ++.

Start the client of DC ++. Turn into setting up the program, for this purpose click the File menu (File) – select the Control item (Settings), in the opened window pass "Appearance" (Appearance) into a bookmark. Pass into the field "Language File" (Language file), click on the Review button (Browse) to the right of this field.

In a dialog box pass into the folder of the program, choose the downloaded file with the *.xml expansion, for example, DC + + - 0.673-russian.xml to Russify the program DC ++. Allocate it and press the Open button. Then click on the Apply button and leave settings.

That changes came into force and russification of DC ++ was executed, restart the client and be convinced that language of the menu changed. If is not present, try to download other variant of translation and to repeat procedure.