How to increase results in knee-bend

How to increase results in knee-bend

Physical training, in particular knee-bend, is an important factor for preservation of health and increase in life expectancy. It is necessary to choose the correct technique, and your results will increase day by day.

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Start doing knee-bends, without hurrying, gradually impulsively increasing loading. It will not be possible to improve endurance to such type of exercises by one occupation. Though the excessive dose of physical activity too will not lead to anything good. Level of loading depends on a state of your health. Systematic approach is required.


That your aspiration to increase results in knee-bend was not useless and besides did not reduce the reached level, follow the accurate plan and allow typical mistakes. Do not allow long breaks and "stagnation" at all, let's muscles "fall asleep". The organism is not capable to be reconstructed and adapt constantly, the good health and physical working capacity is lost. It is not enough to squat only in separate days of week, for example, only on days off, on Saturday and Sunday.


Derive muscular pleasure and pleasure from trainings, but do not do knee-bend for the sake of that want to prove someone the endurance. Squat at home, on the street, on a garden site, thus do not allow fatigue in feet. Do exercises for gastrocnemius muscles. Standing, one foot forward, lift a sock on yourself. Elastic inclinations of a trunk forward, trying to reach hands for a heel of the exposed foot. The same for other foot.


Develop flexibility. The muscle strain of feet well influences increase in results in knee-bend. Sitting on a floor, feet together, knees are straightened. Slowly lift socks on yourself, overcoming resistance of muscles of a back surface of a shin. Then, having delayed socks, execute the springing trunk inclinations forward, a back direct, touch by hands toes. Overcome resistance of the stretched hip surface muscles. Carry out exercise carefully, at slow or average speed, gradually increasing amplitude of movements.