How supports the youth and Sharon Stone's beauty?

How supports the youth and Sharon Stone's beauty?
The famous Hollywood actress Sharon Stone looks smart in the years. How it manages it and what secrets of beauty it applies?

First, the beauty Stone cannot live day without the intensive physical. loadings, it literally exhausts herself and the body with loadings.
Secondly, the actress refused alcohol at all. By the way, the actress indulged herself only red wine, considering that it is drink gives youth. But now Sheron even does not drink some wine, from liquid she dares to drink only water and only and without gas and... only from glass container, any plastic (plastic according to the actress can harm to skin).

Still Sharon Stone daily prepares for herself miracle (in her opinion) a youth elixir. And it prepares simply: two grams of leaves of mint + as much St. John's Wort leaves, plus ten grams of dry wild strawberry (berry + leaves). This mix of dry herbs is filled in, drawn by boiled water and in a warm look is drunk by the beauty Sheron.
The actress still never addressed to plastic surgeons, only the diet, herbal tea and sports activities is and helps the actress to look delightful on truth, on envy to other Hollywood beauties.