How the person investigates space?

How the person investigates space?
How the person investigates space? Since ancient times, observing the sky, people used various measuring devices which allowed to define position of bodies in the sky. And four hundred years ago the device for supervision was created! - telescope. By means of telescopes people could open a set of celestial bodies.
Today in many countries of the world there are huge observatories where scientists conduct researches of space.
In the fifties the last century in space artificial satellites of Earth were launched, 1961 for the first time space was visited by the person. The Soviet astronaut Yury Gagarin became him. In 1969 the American astronauts landed on the Moon.
Now by means of automatic spacecrafts scientists conduct researches of space, such devices carry out flights to planets of Solar system. The telescopes put to Earth orbit allow to glance in far corners of the Universe. Artificial satellites of Earth help scientists to study the atmosphere. Satellites use also for a body - and radio communications.