How to check, whether the parcel came

How to check, whether the parcel came

The order of goods on the Internet or sending a parcel to any addressee assume use of post services. In post office it is possible to send and receive the registered mail, parcels post, and also the international parcels.

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To check, whether the parcel came to you, try to contact the sender of your order. If you wait for a parcel from relatives or friends, call them and specify approximate delivery periods of a parcel. If you bought goods in online store, contact department of delivery of e-mail or phone. Call number of your order and learn about its readiness.

When receiving the international parcels, first of all contact the seller of goods. Such Internet auctions, such as eBay, have the system of an exchange of messages. Besides, you can always look at the status of your departure (the seller sent goods or not). At the order of goods always check, whether correctly you specified the delivery address.

If your mailing assumes tracking service (tracking of departures), try to trace a parcel on the Internet. As each parcel has the unique code (identifier), you need to enter it on one of the sites on the Internet which have information on the status of departures. The country and a place in which it is time at the moment is usually specified in the status of a parcel or was earlier.

As soon as the parcel appears in your post office (to that address which you specified), to you have to send by mail the notice. Number of the notice, as a rule, coincides with number which specifies post office on your parcel. In the notice the parcel weight, a type of this mailing (a small package, a parcel, departure of EMS, etc.), date of arrival of a parcel in your post office has to be specified. Be attentive, in post office over an established period (usually it is 5 days) from you can take an additional fee for storage of a parcel.

Fill a reverse side of the post notice. Write passport data, the registration address. If you receive a parcel for the member of your family living with you to one address take care of existence of the power of attorney which grants to you the right to receive mailings for it. Address with the notice and the passport to department of delivery of parcels of your post office and receive a parcel.