How to make a claim to the seller

How to make a claim to the seller

To return money for low-quality goods, it is necessary to make competently a claim and to show it to the seller. It can be made independently, without addressing to the lawyer for consultation.

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The law on protection of the rights of the buyer provides possibility of a refund, the low-quality goods spent for purchase, on the basis of a claim to the seller. Accurately formulate in what violation of your rights as buyer consists.


Specify the exact name of the shop which sold you goods, an organizational and legal form, the address in a cap of the letter. If you do not have these data, inspect the stand in shop devoted to licenses, certificates, instructions to the buyer. There this information has to be provided. Write a claim addressed to the director of shop.


After data on shop enter the name, a middle name and a surname, leave the exact address and all possible means of communication, including phone number, e-mail.


Write about when and as purchase took place, refer to the check confirming commission of payment of goods. Further note, under what circumstances shortcomings were revealed, in detail describe each of them. Formulate in what the essence of your claim to shop consists.


Impose requirements to the seller. If you want that the low-quality goods were replaced, reflect it in a claim. Other option – a refund for the paid thing. Remember if shortcomings are found during a warranty period, expenses on carrying out examination lay down on the seller.


Surely note in a claim that wait from shop of implementation of your requirements in accurately established periods, for example, within 10 days from the moment of obtaining the letter.


Unpack a claim in duplicate, undersign and put the signature. Attach the copy of the cash voucher to the document, store the original at yourself.


Send a claim the registered mail with the notice of delivery or give personally in a charge to the employee of shop. Track that on your copy the mark about receiving and date was made.