How to get to Baikal

How to get to Baikal

It is possible to get to Baikal in various ways: by plane, by train, car. However each of them has nuances without which you do not receive pleasant impressions of travel.

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Address to one of the tour operators working in this direction. For example, visit the website http://baikalov .ru and study the list of offers on visit of Baikal, and then call on the phone number specified on the page. Or fill a demand form, having entered a name and number of contact phone on which the manager of travel agency could contact you. Discuss all conditions that then, in sanatorium or on a camp site, far from large settlements, there were no annoying slips.

Buy air tickets to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude, having addressed for this purpose on such sites as, and many others. Fill a form of the demand and make a reservation on flight. On an arrival to Irkutsk solve, whether you will go to Baikal an electric train or by bus or will hire the car slowly to admire the opening types. There is an opportunity to reach the lake and by motor ship or "Rocket" in the summer. From Ulan-Ude it is possible to reach Baikal by bus or the car. However, the Baikal old residents do not advise beginners to drive the car from this, from other city as in spite of the fact that the lake is visited often by the top officials of the state, roads in those places (including the federal highway M55) leave much to be desired.

Get the train ticket to Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude or Severobaykalsk. But do not think that, having reached Severobaykalsk, you will be at the purpose of the travel, especially if you sought to see the main sights of Baikal. Almost all of them are in the area of the southern coast where it is possible to get a water transport in the summer, and during other seasons – bus or an electric train from Irkutsk. Besides, do not forget that you should go by train very long (from Moscow to Irkutsk of 3,5 days by train).

If you want to luxuriate on a warm sand ashore, the end of June – the beginning of August will be optimum time for a trip. It is best of all to investigate the Baikal coast in the spring and in the fall when in the nearby woods the midges (on beaches not so rage and on the island of Olkhon it is practically not present). It is possible to admire skulpturno the stiffened abrupt coast framing scintillating thicknesses of ice under which great waters of Baikal sleep in the winter.