How to draw fish

How to draw fish

House aquarium – not only excellent idea of dressing of an interior, but also the faithful assistant in fight against the stresses resulting from a mad rhythm of everyday life. Besides, for the people who do not have opportunity to get at home a cat, a dog or a parrot, aquarian small fishes – the excellent decision. And for whom and a house aquarium – unrealizable dream, can draw fish.

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At first on a sheet of paper it is necessary to draw a small circle – the head of future fish.


Further it is necessary to draw the arch passing through the top part of a circle. The right end of an arch has to in 3-4 be longer than time of the left.


Through the lower part of a circle it is necessary to draw a curved line which ends should be connected to the ends of the top arch. The body of fish is ready.


Now fish needs to draw a tail. It resembles couple of petals of a flower proceeding from one point superficially.


Further it is necessary to draw an upper lip of fish. In drawing it has the extended tear-shaped form and is located in the lower part of the head of fish.


After an upper lip, fish needs to add also the lower, also reminding small droplet.


Further fish needs to draw the top fin. It can be both oval, and rectangular, and triangular, depending on a kind of a small fish. Excess pencil lines can be removed by means of an eraser.


Then fish should finish couple of lower fins. The first fin usually grows near the head of fish, and the second is closer to her tail.


Again it is necessary to erase excess lines an eraser.

Since eyes at fishes settle down the heads on each side, in drawing only one eye will be visible. It also needs to be drawn.


Now on fins and a tail of fish it is necessary to represent a bristle in the form of short strips.


Further by means of a setochka from straight lines, on a body of fish it is necessary to show scales drawing. Besides, it is necessary to erase an eraser the right top part of the circle serving once as a basting of the head of fish.


Now fish can be painted with all flowers of a rainbow.

The turned-out drawing needs to be hung up on a foreground and to admire it more often, forgetting about problems and cares of everyday life.