How to draw a mirror

How to draw a mirror

Mirror — the smooth surface intended for reflection of light. The most known example — a flat mirror. By means of two pencils of NV (average) and In (soft) it is simple to represent it on paper. For a start learn to draw it without reflection.

It is required to you

- album leaf;
- pencil of HB, B;
- eraser.

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Prepare materials. On paper on the center draw with a pencil a rectangle of 15 X 10 cm in size. Halve its parties perpendicular lines. Note points of a touch of lines to a rectangle. 4 points, two horizontal and two vertical turned out. Draw an oval on these points. A pencil once again walk on a figure to make it more accurate. An eraser clean lines and a rectangle.


Take a soft pencil In and start painting over easy pressing an oval. Lines have to be soft and smooth. A firm pencil on the left side paint over a half of a mirror that reflection of a shadow turned out. A finger shade slightly the dark and light sides that looked as a specular reflection. Then add a few hyphens on the top and lower part of a mirror.


Draw a frame for a mirror in the form of the easy patterns reminding waves. They are drawn in the form of a semicircle. Make the normal thickness that it was visible a frame. From its left side add a weak shadow a soft pencil, shade a finger.


The image of a subject on a mirror demands attentiveness. For this purpose put, for example, a vase opposite to a mirror. The best put it closer to the left edge of a mirror, so the composition will be interesting. The form of a vase corresponds to reflection, but it is necessary to draw it, having a little inclined back. For this purpose draw with a soft pencil a vase silhouette, having represented its "lying". Then an average pencil accurately paint over it and add a shadow on the right, small strokes pound the dark and light side. Then finish a shadow behind a vase on the right side from it. It has to look accurate reflection.