How to conduct interview

How to conduct interview

At staff recruitment in the company, the main emphasis it is necessary to place on interview. At a personal meeting with the competitor you can draw a conclusion on character and professionalism of the person which will affect quality of future work and relationship in collective.

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Often in the big companies this mission is assigned to HR specialists who not always know how it is correct to conduct interview, most often turning this process into cross-questioning. As a result it is possible or to lose the cool expert, or to employ not as the conscientious performer. In that and other case the company sustains losses.

Some councils as it is correct to conduct interview, will help you to avoid trouble. Any interview takes place in three stages:

Preparatory stage. At this stage first of all it is necessary to make the list of candidates for a position and to report exact time of interview. To consider questions for interview, to prepare forms of the summary and questionnaires for the competitor, and also, if necessary, duty regulations and the list of requirements to performers. Interview with the competitor. Create an easy situation of conversation, do not press on the person, after all for him interview already a stress. At first tell it about your company, how long in the market, than is engaged, it is short about progress. Then ask him on former work that he expects from the new. Besides traditional questions of type: "tell about yourself", or "why you left a former place of work", set a couple of loaded questions to estimate, how fast the person is guided in an unusual situation, and makes the decision. Questions should be asked so that the answer was exhaustive, and expressed opinion of the interlocutor. Look at his behavior: as it comes as sits down as far as the person is sure, or is not self-assured. It is necessary is thin to feel psychology of the competitor to open him. Upon termination of interview, suggest the candidate to answer the questions interesting him and report when the final decision on employment is made. The final stage – summing up. Having impartially estimated the summary and professionalism of each of competitors, make the decision who from candidates most approaches on open vacancy of your company.

And last council: do not make hasty decisions. After all from that how competent experts work for you completely the success of the company depends. Remember the old slogan of Soviet period: "Shots solve everything!".