How not to maleficiate the child

How not to maleficiate the child

Children are very strongly subject to a malefice because they are very trustful and open. They reach for any, the person who paid to them attention. Due to the lack of life experience, they cannot understand people and do not know, who good, and who bad. There is a number of recommendations which will help to save the kid from a malefice.

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In 3-4 months prior to the birth of the kid try to limit the circle of contacts. Do not attend a party and a celebration. Do not invite on a visit neighbors and acquaintances. Give nothing to anybody, especially by the night.

Whenever possible replace old wall-paper new. Wall-paper gathers in themselves negative power. Besides, do not paste wall-paper over old or newspapers.

In 1-2 weeks prior to the birth of the kid purge rooms a church candle. Pay special attention to corners. Sprinkle the room holy water.

Do not bring anything to the house that can cause at least the slightest suspicion. To the room it is possible to bring only things which are intended for future child. Whenever possible do not take things for the kid which were in the use. It is obligatory that diapers, the blanket, a bed, a tray for bathing were new.

Before childbirth examine all apartment, will throw out everything that has to you no relation.

Children's bed linen use only what is sewed from natural fabrics, it is better if it is flax as it possesses protective properties. Give preference to linen on which are represented an oak leaf, an acorn, a mountain ash, roses, butterflies, etc.

Do not show the newborn child to a baptism. During walk cover it with a cape. Do not give the kid to strangers at all.

If the child has no allergy to essential oils, try to clean the room of the aromalampy as often as possible. Such essential oil as eucalyptus, to crown it all possesses bactericidal properties. Some oils perfectly delete a negative, for example, oil of a wormwood, juniper, a mountain ash.

Limit the child from communication with "foreign" people. Some people who possess strong power, can maleficiate the child, even if do not wish him anything bad.

Periodically let's the child drink holy water.

11 V a headboard of a bed hang up a cluster or a branch of a mountain ash. And under matrasik put mountain ash leaves.

12 are not lazy to carry out damp cleaning in the room. Water is capable to wash away a negative perfectly.