How to prepare tvorozhno rice donuts?

How to prepare tvorozhno rice donuts?
These donuts turn out simply delightful – air, soft, gentle. At all taste of rice is not felt, when frying all rice grains disperse.

Ingredients: a half-glass of rice, 200 grams of cottage cheese, 7 – 8 tablespoons of sugar, a bag of vanilla sugar, 1 egg, 4 tablespoons of sour cream, 2 – 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, a third of a teaspoon of soda (to extinguish in a sting), a tablespoon of any wine or liqueur, 2,5 – 3 glasses of a flour. To taste add a nutmeg, cinnamon, a lemon dried peel. Vegetable oil for frying and icing sugar to strew ready donuts is required.

To wash out, fill in rice with a large amount of water and to cook to readiness, ready to wash out cold water. To mix rice with cottage cheese and to crush the blender to a condition of mashed potatoes. Weight uniform will not become, rice grains will be visible. To add all spices, egg, soda, sour cream and sugar to this weight. It is good to mix a spoon or a manual nimbus. To add wine or liqueur, vegetable oil, a lemon dried peel, again to mix and gradually to pour a flour. To knead dough, it will stick a little to hands, but torments do not need to be added, it is better to oil hands vegetable and to knead soft, elastic dough. To leave it in heat for one hour.
It is good to oil a table vegetable, to roll dough in layer, thickness about 1 cm. A glass to cut out circles, then a liqueur glass or a small glass to squeeze out the middle that thick ringlets turned out. To warm vegetable oil in a frying pan and to fry donuts. In the course of frying they rise, become very magnificent and air. To strew ready donuts with icing sugar.