As to the girl to pump up hands

As to the girl to pump up hands

Elastic, beautiful and moderately beefy female body possesses special appeal, bewitches views of men. Therefore girls dream to look on all hundred to feel much more surely. To pump up hands, use a body weight and dumbbells.

It is required to you

- dumbbells;
- bench.

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Push-ups are focused on the muscles located to a reverse side of a shoulder. For performance of this exercise take a classical position: rest hands on width of shoulders against a floor, straighten feet, put feet on socks. The back and feet have to make the uniform equal line. Lower a trunk until the breast practically does not concern a floor, then by effort of muscles return to a starting position. Make three approaches on ten times. During exercise try to hold press muscles intense, and a straight line back. If you are given classical push-ups heavier, reduce loading, leaning on knees, but not on feet.

Excellent exercise for tricepses – failures. For its exercise you will need a bench, sit down on it and arrange palms on width of shoulders, fingers clasp a bench from below, and put feet before yourself. Slightly push buttocks before a bench forward and fall down, bending elbows back. When shoulders become parallel a floor, return to a starting position by effort of muscles of hands. Repeat exercises ten times in three approaches.

Take in hand dumbbells on two-three kilograms and get up, put feet on width of shoulders. Slightly incline the case forward and raise hands back that shoulders became parallel to a floor, and forearms were slightly lowered down. From this situation lift dumbbells at the expense of muscles of razgibatel of hands and be late in the highest point on couple of seconds. Then lower dumbbells and repeat ten-twelve more times. During exercise hold elbows pressed to a body.

Serial bending of hands with dumbbells is directed on muscles of forward part of a shoulder. Get up exactly, put feet on width of shoulders, hold dumbbells in hand. Lift slowly left dumbbell, thus in addition squeeze a biceps, in the top point your palm has to be turned to a breast. Slowly lower the left hand and at the same time lift the right. Continue to alternate raising of hands, will not make ten-fifteen repetitions yet. During exercise hold elbows densely pressed to a trunk.