How to treat flu at babies

How to treat flu at babies

Flu belongs to viral diseases, to treat which it is necessary under control of the doctor. Especially if it is about the small child. But you can facilitate a course of disease and help the kid to have flu, without having received heavy complications.

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Consider that usually flu develops promptly. Therefore if your child coughs, he lifted temperature, a stuffy nose, it is necessary to address to hospital immediately.


Remember that during flu first of all high temperature, and already rises then all other symptoms are shown. If your kid refuses food, cries, constantly wants to sleep, eyes at him reddened, heat rose, before appearance of the doctor try to bring down temperature independently.

For this case get in a drugstore rectal candles in advance. Attentively read the instruction not to be mistaken in a dosage. If within half an hour temperature does not go down, undress your child and rub off his body weak solution of vinegar.

For this purpose part a spoon of apple cider or usual vinegar in liter of cool water 1stolovuyu. If temperature is replaced by a fever, wrap up the kid more warmly. Prepare to that you should dress repeatedly that the child, to undress again. Be not frightened if by the evening temperature again rises. This phenomenon often accompanies flu.


Before arrival of the doctor try not to give to the child of chemical medicines. The febrifuge, habitual for you, is capable to cause an allergy in the baby.


If your child refuses food, do not try to feed him violently. Or prepare mix which he loves. You should not change a habitual food allowance during an illness. Consider that at high temperature the organism quickly loses water. Therefore constantly give to drink to the kid water. It will help to remove toxins. For the baby can prepare the diluted apple juice.


At a stuffy nose the kid can also refuse to eat. Therefore clean to it a nose, using wadded zhgutik. You should not apply Q-tips as you can unintentionally put with them to the child a trauma. In each nostril of the baby drip on one droplet of your breast milk. If your child does not receive chest feeding any more, dig the special means intended for treatment of cold at the baby.