What is Restilayn?

What is Restilayn?
Over time, when skin of the person starts growing old, in it shortage of gialurunovy acid which is urged to detain in cages liquid therefore there are wrinkles is felt. Modern cosmetology researches and experiences led to creation of preparations which contains the gialurunovy acid received from environment to them it is safely possible to carry Restilayn …

Restilayn represents biogel by means of which it is possible to eliminate wrinkles round eyes, in a nose and a forehead, to remove nosogubny folds, quite often with its help increase the volume of lips.
The preparation is issued the Swedish firm "Cue honey".

Gel is entered under skin by means of an injection, it fills emptiness and pulls skin, eliminating with that wrinkles. The effect from Restilayn becomes swept up practically right after introduction procedure, however 8-10 months later the preparation breaks up to carbon dioxide and water. This process is not dangerous to a human body, but leads to formation of those wrinkles which for some period were eliminated therefore in time or after Restilayn's disintegration if the woman wants to look good and it is young, its new application is necessary.