How to increase transfer speed

How to increase transfer speed

During the work on the Internet we often download files to make them available to other users. We fill in them on file hosting services or we attach to the letter. Depending on the file size, time spent on its transfer can be very long. To increase data transmission speed, it is worth taking into account that the maximum speed of the Internet is provided with the minimum loading of the channel.

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First of all, disconnect all active loadings which work at present. For this purpose, a chtoba as much as possible to clear the channel of Internet access and by that to maximize data transmission speed. Disconnect also operating torrent client if it is in the started state. Even if currently on it there are no active downloadings, it can block the channel distributions which are conducted with the files which are already downloaded you.


Clear a tray of the programs working in the background, and also finish updating processes. For this purpose open a task manager, pass on the processes tab and finish all processes containing in the name "update", having pressed Delete and having confirmed removal. Interrupt only those processes which you do not doubt, differently you can break stability of system that can result in need of its reinstallation.


Do not open new pages during downloading the file. Every time when you open the page, the browser redistributes a traffic in favor of uniform use by both processes, in a consequence of it the speed of data transmission is considerably slowed down. Load new pages only after data transmission is finished.


Keep in mind that the majority of files can be reduced considerably in sizes by means of archiving. Archive the files intended for transfer through the Internet with use of the maximum force of compression.