How to issue the credit in Sberbank of Russia

How to issue the credit in Sberbank of Russia

Registration of the credit in Sberbank – procedure quite simple. It is necessary to know, on what purpose you need money and in what size. For receiving the credit it is necessary to address in any Sberbank branch which is carrying out crediting of natural persons.

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If you want to issue the credit in Sberbank, be ready to that in any division from you will demand the passport, the reference in a form 2-NDFL or on the form of bank, the reference from the Pension fund for pensioners, the service record for working, and also the questionnaire. Besides, depending on type of loan also other documents will be required. For example, when receiving a mortgage loan, you will need to submit documents on the acquired housing, when receiving a car loan – on the vehicle. If necessary the loan officer of Sberbank has the right to request and other papers.

After you present a full package of documents to Bank, procedure of consideration of the demand begins. Your data will be checked by security service and legal service if the transaction with real estate or other property accepted as a deposit takes place. After pronouncement of the solution of data of services the loan officer counts your solvency, and then the demand is considered on Credit committee.

As soon as according to your demand the positive decision is made, you will invite to sign the credit agreement. Besides, to you will suggest to sign the contract of pledge, and to your guarantor – the contract of guarantee or one their these contracts, depending on providing. Pay attention that in the text of contracts of the sum, terms, numbers have to be at least once designated by a copy-book, surnames, names and middle names have to be written correctly and completely, and all documents are signed by the person who is mentioned in a preamble.

Surely receive the schedule of repayment of the credit if you repay the loan unequal payments on hands. In Sberbank it represents the separate document where the monthly sum to repayment, including a principal debt and percent, and also the general rest of the credit is specified.

You can issue the credit (to sign the credit agreement) within 10 working days from the moment of making decision on issuance of credit. After this term you should collect a new package of documents.