How to behave easy

How to behave easy

You, perhaps, had to notice that some people in any company keep absolutely freely while others are absolutely lost and start telling nonsenses. The first, thanks to the confidence and ease, usually have a great number of friends. To become such personality, it is necessary to know rules of easy communication.

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Keep surely on any action and in any society. Be polite, in order to avoid awkward situations follow rules of etiquette. Do not hesitate to strike up new acquaintances, especially among clever and intelligent people.

Getting into conversation, behave kindly, having rejected all negative. Even if externally your negative mood will not be shown, it will all the same be transferred to your interlocutor, and he will be closed for communication.

Be able to find subjects for easy communication. It is very important that this subject was close and interesting to all participants of conversation. In that case your genuine interest will cause trust and respect.

Watch speech speed – do not chatter and do not splash out too much information on the person. In an ideal if you communicate together, your statements there have to be only 40%. Listen more and show interest in the interlocutor.

Ask only open questions, that is what demand the developed answer. So you will not allow conversation to fade. Surely wait until the person finishes the thought. Also do not hurry to ask the following question – you have a conversation, but not interrogation.

Pay to people around compliments. Try that they were original, reasonable and pertinent.