How to treat kuperoz

How to treat kuperoz

You reflected why many people have a reddened nose? It is good if you are faced by Father Frost a red nose. Only, unfortunately, this problem of reddening of a nose affects both men, and women. Physicians call such state kuperozy. To pleasure this disease is better to be treated than the face blackheads. As to treat kuperoz?

Generally people not too know the word "kuperoz", but practically all know that such reddening of vessels on a face. The person becomes covered by a thin setochka of blood vessels, cheeks, a forehead, edges of a nose and a nose are affected. Such reddening can cause inflammatory process with burning and an itch. Elasticity of capillaries is lost, and skin becomes even more saturated red color that spoils all person or separate a fate of face skin. First of all it is necessary to ask for the help the doctor - the dermatologist.

Vascular asterisks and reddenings appear at the people predisposed genetically, usually kuperoz is shown at people with age. Promotes it temperature drops, smoking, alcohol, sunshine, a sauna, a bath. If you inclined to a kuperoz, it is impossible to use very much I heat food, too hot dishes.

To overcome kuperoz, it is necessary to strengthen walls of vessels, to balance blood circulation. There where the reddened places, it is possible to make deep cleaning of skin where vegetable enzymes under the influence of which there is a loosening of the top layer are used. At the expense of a loosening there is the best penetration of drugs into skin.

Oils and vitamins, nutritious and polyvitaminic complex are a part of medicines. If on a face there are eels, it is necessary to add still zinc.

In house conditions it is possible to prepare the following structure:

- take cream which you use or any other fat cream, add 1 h. also apply a spoon of vaseline and the same amount of olive oil on face skin.

- before leaving the house, make a mask: lanolin, olive oil, starch, talc in the ratio lanolin to oil 2 to 1, then on 0,5 starches and 0,5 talc. Put the received mix on a face for ten minutes.

For winter the following mask will approach:

- 1 glass of oats on 0,5 waters to boil thoroughly after boiling some minutes, then to add a tablespoon of olive oil. Cream turns out, to cool and put on a face. In minutes to wash away twenty warm water.

- The redness is cleaned well by crude potato, it is put to the struck places.

If you noticed on the first signs of a kuperoz, that is reddening of different character, before clarification of the reason and the exact diagnosis, avoid to eat sour cream, yogurt, tomatoes, beans, a liver, oranges, tangerines, candies from chocolate, raisin.

It is necessary correctly takes a steam bath in a sauna or a bath: cover a face with a towel not to subject the person to hot air. Thus temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, are in a bath or a sauna no more than ten minutes.