How to send money to America

How to send money to America

It is possible to transfer abroad money through a post or banking system. There are also specialized companies which are engaged only in postal money transfers. The largest of them have own points and offices worldwide, including, in the USA.

It is required to you

For a postal order:
- passport;
- information on personal data of the recipient and point of receiving money.

For a bank transfer:
- information on personal data of the recipient;
- open bank account of the sender;
- data of the bank account of the recipient.

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Use services of one of the largest international systems of instant (cable) money transfers abroad. Them are Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact having offices and service stations in the USA.

Address in one of points of these companies, or to the branch of the bank who cooperates with them. Show the document proving your identity, fill in the form on the translation. The form includes information on an amount of transfer, a full name of the recipient and sender, the address and phone number of the recipient.

Bring cash in cash desk, receive an individual code of the translation and tell a code to the recipient. For receiving it is necessary to address to office or point of the company in that settlement which is specified by you when filling the form, to show the document proving the identity and to report an individual code of the translation.

Consider that international transfers in systems Western Union, MoneyGram are accepted only in US dollars, in Contact system are accepted both rubles, and foreign currency. Examine restrictions on the sum of single money transfer abroad.

Use services of one of banks for sending money abroad. For implementation of the translation open the account, in the form enter a name and a surname of the recipient, the sum, currency, these accounts from which you do the translation, these accounts of the recipient, translation type (urgent or usual).

Choose a procedure for payment of services of bank in the translation: or payment of all expenses by the sender, or payment only for departure, or payment of all expenses by the recipient. It is necessary to consider that, as a rule, the translation through a banking system costs cheaper, than through the post.