What conditions of stay of Assange in Ecuador

What conditions of stay of Assange in Ecuador

Julian Assange, the founder of the infamous WikiLeaks resource, was granted a political asylum in Ecuador. Nevertheless, chances that to it will be possible to avoid punishment on the brought charges, are very small.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Conditions of Stay of Assange in Ecuador" That such wikileaks Where hides Assange Kak in house conditions conditions to distinguish Trouble gold with the law began at Assange after classified documents about war of army of the USA in Afghanistan were published on his website WikiLeaks. Right after it in Sweden against it criminal case on a charge of rape was brought, it had to go to England hastily. But justice found it and there: The Interpol issued the warrant for Julian's arrest, as a result the fugitive himself was in police. Soon it managed to leave on the security in 200000 pounds sterling, but he lost trial. Also appeals in higher judicial instances did not help, the sentence remained the same – Assange was waited by an extradition to Sweden.

Having realized, what will not be possible to avoid dispatch to it, Julian took cover in London in the territory of Embassy of Ecuador which granted it a political asylum. The embassy of this country represents the small two-room apartment on the first floor of a house in which allocated to the owner of WikiLeaks one room. Assange rather modest, from conveniences at him has living conditions only a shower and a toilet. The president of Ecuador already declared that Julian can stay in embassy of its country so much, how many for it it will be necessary.

If Assange managed to leave England and to get over to Ecuador, the majority of its problems would remain behind. However British will not let out it so simply – the fugitive should leave Embassy of Ecuador as he will be arrested right there. There was an impasse: Assange cannot go to Ecuador, but the police of England cannot arrest yet him as the embassy territory on all norms of international law is inviolable.

From lips of the high-ranking English officials appeals to storm of Embassy of Ecuador – however, right there disproved already sounded. But the desire of the English authorities to arrest Assange is so great that the new option is studied – Embassy of Ecuador can deprive of this status in view of the fact that it covers the criminal. After that already nothing will prevent police to arrest the founder of WikiLeaks.

In spite of the fact that Assange is accused of rape very few people doubt that the desire of U.S. authorities to punish Julian for the publication of millions of pages of the classified information on war in Iraq and Afghanistan is the real reason of its prosecution. After dispatch to Sweden new charges, this time already will be for certain brought to him of the USA where Julian is threatened by life imprisonment.