How to issue additional holiday

How to issue additional holiday

The additional paid holiday, this time of rest which has to be provided to the worker, apart from main the paid holiday. For stay on additional holiday for the employee his average salary remains.

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Minimum admissible duration of additional holiday depends on the reason of granting and a position of the employee and is stated in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and a number of the regulations regulating labor legal relationship.
Allocate two categories of additional holidays: obligatory (the employer is obliged to grant such leave to the worker according to the legislation) and voluntary (that are provided according to the decision of the employer and are stated in the collective or employment contract).


Obligatory additional holiday, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, is provided on an annual basis to those employees who work irregular working hours, in the conditions of Far North, and also to the employees, occupied on harmful or dangerous production.


Additional leave is granted to the worker in a full size only if he worked in harmful conditions of at least 11 months. Otherwise recalculation of duration of holiday in proportion to time which is really fulfilled in harmful conditions is made. Pay attention, length of service influences not the fact of providing holiday, and its duration.


To issue such additional holiday, it by analogy with usual, fix in the vacation schedule. Before the holiday period issue the order on granting to the employee of the additional paid holiday. The important requirement to service on work with the personnel – data on additional holidays have to be present at a personal card of the employee without fail.