How to calculate heating cost

How to calculate heating cost

The payment size for warmly is defined today proceeding from level of consumption of utilities, and also those tariffs for thermal energy which are established by the regional tariff commission. Volumes of consumption of heat are estimated in gigacalories. Whether it is possible to calculate heating cost independently?

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The volume of consumption of heat in a month depends on that, all-house counters of the accounting of thermal energy and water are installed in your house or not. If they are, then count expenses on heat and hot water supply on their indicators. If such counters are not present, determine calculation by standards of consumption of heat which are established by the tariff commission.


Consider that standards for an expense of thermal energy are developed on groups of buildings, taking into account identical design and technical data. In each house there is the standard of consumption of heat on square meter of total area counting upon a month. Thus such parameters as year of construction of the building, number of storeys, quantity of entrances are considered. Such standards are corrected every year. Depending on the fact of consumption which is defined by the power supplying organization, the sum can slightly increase or decrease.


Independently to count a payment for heating for your apartment, multiply the size of a tariff for heat on norm of consumption in this type of the building and on the square of the apartment.


And for calculation of a tariff for hot water, take a tariff for thermal energy and increase it by the standard of an expense which is necessary for heating of 1 cubic meter of water and on a counter indicator on a water consumption.


If in your apartment the counter is not installed, then instead of its indications use a standard cost of hot water on one person and increase by quantity living in the apartment. At calculation of a payment for heating, for the heatsupplying organizations some other technique is used.


According to the resolution, in the presence at you the all-house counter of the accounting of heat, for calculation of monthly payment average monthly volumes of consumption of heat for previous year in the current year are used.


To calculate volumes of consumption of heat, divide annual indications of the all-house counter for 12 months. The sum which turned out, divide into the total area of the house. And increase this figure (the amount of heat falling on 1 sq.m) by the total area of the room.


Consider that recalculation by calculations for heating is made for inhabitants of the concrete house only at the request of managing organization.