How to check the temperature sensor

How to check the temperature sensor

To prevent an overheat and damage of the equipment installed in the computer recommend to check its temperature periodically. For this purpose it is possible to use some programs.

It is required to you

- AMD Over Drive;
- Speed Fan.

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If the processor of AMD firm is installed in your computer, establish the utility of AMD Over Drive. It is possible to download this program from the official site of the AMD www company. Reboot and start the downloaded application.


Wait until the program collects information on the installed equipment. For definition of temperature indicators of the central processor open the CPU Status menu. If you use the multinuclear processor, the program will display temperature of each separate kernel.


To find out videocard temperature, open the GPU Status menu. If you use the laptop with two video adapters, the program will display temperature of the used (active) videocard. If temperature of some devices exceeded admissible norms, open the Fan Control menu. Increase the speed of rotation of blades of the necessary cooler, having moved the slider under its graphic representation.


In case the processor of Intel firm is installed in the computer, use the Speed Fan program. Establish and start this utility. In the Indicators menu devices to which temperature sensors, and fans installed in the computer are connected will be displayed.


For increase in speed of rotation of the fan several times press a strelochka "Up". Wait some time until temperature of the device goes down to a normal state. Remember that admissible indicators of temperatures are various for each equipment. For example, temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is accepted for the central processor, but is inadmissible for the hard drive.


If you do not want to watch constantly indicators of temperature sensors, establish a tick opposite to the Avtoskorost Fans point. The program will automatically increase the speed of rotation of a cooler to prevent an overheat of devices.