How to wear a short dress

How to wear a short dress

The mini-dress allows to coquet, flirt and tempt. Using different accessories and supplementing it with other subjects of clothes, it is possible to create on the basis of a short dress the most different ensembles both for cold winter and for hot summer.

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It is worth thinking, of course, well before buying a mini-dress. It will suit not all women, only rather harmonous and with a good shape of feet. If your size is no more than Russian 52-54, you can wear a short dress, correcting small shortcomings the models suitable you.


It is better not to emphasize big massive shoulders with a dress with straps. Not ideally flat tummy which will stick out in a dress-streych, will disguise pass the A-silhouette or a tunic. To the ladies dissatisfied with a shape of the hands, it is possible to pick up a short dress with a long sleeve. Close wide hips a flared skirt. The women who are not in early age should not carry ultra - pass.


Put on a monophonic mini-dress with fantasy openwork panty hoses and footwear on a high heel to them in tone. The gentle dress of a simple form, is possible with a print, well looks together with flats or sandals. The short evening dress will be added by a stylish clutch, an effective beads and brilliant sandals or classical boats.


Owners of too thin legs can wear a mini-dress with tight trousers or jeans. Leggings and leggings are perfectly combined with this product, in winter option. They can be added with golfs or gaiters. Wear a dress sweater of large knitting with warm stockings in tone and high boots, from above throw with a fur vest with an effective thong.


The bolero, shawls, scarfs will protect your shoulders from cold if you put on an open short dress. Plump feet look in dense panty hoses and not striking footwear better. Choose model of a short dress in which will not feel inconveniently and tensely – all effect of a dress will be gone because of your held-down movements.

In general the fashion allows you to experiment different subjects of clothes at discretion if only your shocking dresses not too shocked people around and did not disturb your study or work.