How to prepare the baked fish with fennel?

How to prepare the baked fish with fennel?
Fish very valuable and tasty product. For preparation of a dish according to the provided recipe it is better to take fish white and without bones.


Fish; fennel; fat cream; cheese firm; pepper; salt; seasonings; flour.

Preparation course:

Fish should be washed out, then to clear and cut on fillet. After that to cut on good portion pieces. Then to put in a bowl to salt, pepper and mix.

To prepare a baking dish, to pour in it a little vegetable oil and to spread out pieces of fish. Fennel to wash out and cut pieces of chalk, then to scatter on fish and to pour out cream. Cheese needs to be rubbed and laid out over fish. If there is a desire that sauce in which fish will prepare, was more dense, previously it will be necessary to add a flour to cream and to stir.

After that the form needs to be covered with a foil and to put in already quite well heated-up oven. Temperature should be maintained in an oven at the level of hundred eighty degrees. To bake about half an hour or forty minutes in an oven. Minutes for ten to readiness full already the foil can be cleaned and the small fish will get beautiful amber color!

Bon appetit!