How to pass to the budget

How to pass to the budget

The students who arrived on paid office of state university have chances to be transferred to the budgetary office. It is possible in case on its specialty there are places paid at the expense of the state.

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Learn, on what conditions the translation of the student in your higher education institution on the budgetary office is possible. Usually as the main requirement good progress is shown. Also as plus additional extracurricular activities - participation in the student's Olympic Games and conferences, and also in sports interuniversity competitions can serve.

Submit the application to dean's office for transfer to the budgetary office. Your request will is able to be granted, only if the empty seat, for example, after expel of the person trained for the state account is available. But even if now such opportunity is not present, your statement can be kept for consideration in the future.

If in your higher education institution for your specialty the budgetary places are not provided, address to other higher education institutions. In certain cases the university can agree to accept you on the place paid at the expense of the state by the translation. For this purpose you have to show the motivation and an appreciation. But consider, what even on the same specialties the program can strongly differ in different higher education institutions. You can be accepted is one course younger and to oblige to pass in addition examinations and tests in subjects which were absent in the training program of your first higher education institution.

In some cases deterioration of financial position, for example, death or loss of work as the relative who paid your training can form the basis for the translation from paid office. You will need to provide for confirmation of such situation in dean's office documents on it.