As it is better to play table tennis

As it is better to play table tennis

Table tennis - not only entertainment and option of pleasant leisure, but also an independent sport. This game has mass character. Such occupations promote development of flexibility, speed of reaction, dexterity, operational thinking and attention. Besides, table tennis improves coordination of movements.

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Pick up stock. Get a racket taking into account length of your hand and the size of a brush. Take in hand and check, whether you feel it as continuation of a hand. If you the beginner in game, stop the choice on the rigid racket having a slip from single-layer rubber. In that case you will be able to create only weak rotation. But it will be easier for you to accept and direct it. If you continue to master this sport and already passed some steps, choose option with a two-layer slip. With such stock you will be able to improve the skills.

Buy a suitable ball. Consider such parameters as brightness of its color, elasticity, uniformity of thickness. Pay attention to a seam by which it is stuck together. It has to pass equally on the center of a ball and to be smooth. Otherwise, the ball will incorrectly jump aside and fly not precisely.

Execute warm-up before game. Connect hands in the lock behind the back, doing top alternately right and left hands. Try to connect hands behind the back, having put the left palm on a left shoulder-blade, and the right hand – on the shovel of the same name. Sit down ten times and several times jump up.

Execute training, using the vertical surface which is at distance 4 meters from you instead of the opponent. Carry out training daily, gradually reducing distance between you and a wall to 1 meter.

Master the main rack for game. From your starting position it has to be convenient to you to accept and direct a ball. For example, train a neutral position in which the player expects actions of the rival. Also you can stand on the right or at the left depending on from what party you wait for a ball. Keep in mind that during competition you will need to be followed in the most various directions. Steps are the main way of movement in Ping-Pong. Odnoshazhny and dvukhshazhny ways are usually used. Besides, you can apply perestupaniye to turns on a place, attacks for reception of slanting balls and added steps.

Use some cunnings and receptions in game. Remember that before blow you need to accept a right starting position. Both quality of blow, and speed of your movement depends on a rack. The main position needs to be kept when moving. Watch that your center of gravity was on tiptoe. Transfer it in the direction of blow. After each blow come back to the middle of a table. Do not take excess fussy steps. You have to move accurately and quickly.