How to pump up muscles of an abdominal tension

How to pump up muscles of an abdominal tension

The exercises directed on training of muscles of an abdominal tension will allow to achieve not only the flat and tightened belt, but also so-called relief cubes. Thus it is possible to reach desirable result only daily persistent trainings and the correct breath when performing exercises.

It is required to you

- rug;
- dumbbells.

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To pump up muscles of an abdominal tension, pay the main attention to those exercises at which performance big loading goes on a back, but not on hips.

In a prone position press a waist to a floor, raise a basin, pull in internal muscles of a stomach in yourself and be late in such situation for four seconds. Relax and lower a basin down. Repeat five times.

Starting position, lying on a floor. Hands behind the head, elbows are moved apart in the parties. The case is raised, feet are bent in knees. Rhythmically turn the case alternately to the right and to the left. Repeat exercise of 50 times.

Starting same position. Turning the case to the left, tighten a knee of the left foot to an elbow of the right hand. Turning the case to the right, tighten a knee of the right foot to an elbow of the left hand. When performing this exercise hold the case and feet suspended. Repeat 50 times.

In a prone position on a back record a foot of feet under a crossbeam of a sofa of a chair or a sports wall. Take freight in hand: dumbbells, a disk from a bar or that can serve for you as freight. Hands with freight arrange behind the head. On an exhalation lift the case with freight to knees, on a breath lower the case.

Lying on a floor, slightly raise the case, bend feet, press knees to each other. On an exhalation press knees to a breast, and on an entrance lower. Do not lower the case when performing this exercise. Repeat ten times.

Lay down on a floor, straighten feet and lift up. On an exhalation lower feet, without touching a floor, on a breath again raise them. When performing this exercise the waist has to be pressed to a floor, otherwise you can injure it. Repeat fifteen times.

Undertake hands a horizontal bar or the top crossbeam of a sports wall. Having hung, raise direct feet, doing thus an exhalation. On a breath lower feet down. Repeat twenty times.