Magnificent salads Sea miracle and Rafaello?

Magnificent salads Sea miracle and Rafaello?
Very beautiful and unusual salads in registration will decorate your holiday table and will be appreciated by your guests.

Sea Miracle salad

- crabsticks – 200 g,
- shrimps – 300 g,
- squids – 200 g,
- corn – 0,5 banks,
- egg – 3 pieces,
- tomatoes – 2 pieces,
- olives – 0,5 banks,
- firm cheese – 200 g,
- a fresh cucumber – 2 pieces,
- mayonnaise - 100 g
- fresh greens - parsley and fennel - on 5-6 branches.

Preparation: crabsticks, shrimps, squids, tomatoes and a fresh cucumber small to cut with straws, to cut eggs on a yaytserezka, to cut each olive in half, to grate cheese on a large grater, to add corn, to mix a small amount of mayonnaise and all ingredients. Then to fill in everything from above with mayonnaise, to decorate with greens and shrimps. It is possible to give on a lettuce leaf.

Rafaello salad.

- cheese soft – 100 g,
- processed cheese – 200 g,
- olives without stones – 1 bank,
- crabsticks – 200 g,
- mayonnaise - 150 g.
For sauce:
- on a half of paprika of red, green and yellow color;
- vegetable oil - 6 tablespoons,
- the black pepper ground - 1 pinch.

Preparation: cheese small to cut, dress with mayonnaise, to mix, roll from weight balls like Rafaello candies, having enclosed inside on an olive, to grate crabsticks, to roll in in them each rafaelka, to lay on a flat dish, to decorate with greens.

To make sauce: very much - to cut with very small cubes some flowers of paprika, having added to it vegetable oil and pepper. To water with this sauce from above each rafaelka or to decorate with sauce a flat plate on which a hill rafaelka move.

Bon appetit!