How to write the protective word

How to write the protective word

In the protective word you need to retell actually course or the thesis. And this reduced statement has to not only keep within the taken-away time and stylistic frames, but also open a work essence. To inform to the commission all advantages of your research and thus not to tire listeners, carefully work structure of the protective performance.

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Begin performance with a greeting. The standard formulation is usually used: "Hello, dear members of the commission, guests and fellow students". Then report a subject your course or the thesis. It can also be entered in a template: "The thesis on a subject is submitted to your attention course / …".

Passing to the content of work, begin with the story about its relevance. You need to report, the problem, what situation in the sphere which you study is how worked. Then on the basis of such analysis explain need of scientific research of this subject and exactly at present.

After that briefly list object, a subject and the purpose of your research. All formulations can be taken from introduction course or the diploma. If they are bulky that is normal for scientific style, divide them into short offers that it was more convenient to say during protection.

Telling about teoretiko-methodological base of research, refuse transfer of all names of textbooks and surnames of their authors. Members of the commission will be able to read this information in your work. Be limited to transfer like sources which used, and also call branches of science which they treat.

Following structure of introduction in course or the diploma, it is possible to tell about the practical importance of work. Also this part can be transferred to the end of performance – such final will be quite logical.

Pass to the description of theoretical part of work. Tell, to what question it is devoted. List the main theses of the head, tell, what scientific concepts you considered in what their pluses and minuses consist.

Tell how you used results of theoretical research in practice. In detail describe a work technique with empirical base and if it is necessary, prove a choice of such mode of work. In detail tell about conclusions which you drew in chapter devoted to practice. You can take conclusions which list in course or in the diploma, and to expand their contents, having told about everyone in more detail.

Finish performance, having thanked attendees for attention. Tell that are ready to answer questions.