How to destroy a smell of cat's urine

How to destroy a smell of cat's urine

Cats, these tender, capricious animals have a huge number of admirers worldwide. Some fans do not represent the life without the purring soft lump that you will not tell about a smell which exhales at the wrong time the cleaned tray, marks left by cats during the marriage period or puddles remaining from the little kitten who is not accustomed to a tray at all. But it not an occasion to refuse the favourites as this problem can be fixed easily.

It is required to you

- chlorine-containing means;
- a cleaner for carpets;
- careful cleaning.

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Cat's urine has very concentrated structure and forms sharply smelling kristallik when drying. They are deeply absorbed in a surface and long exhale a pungent unpleasant smell with which all house becomes impregnated literally. To solve this problem, in time change a filler in a tray, wash out a tray chlorine-containing means and carefully dry. Remember, no aromatic means and any air freshener is capable to relieve your apartment of a smell. Use of fragrances will only aggravate a situation. Only careful cleaning and care of an animal will allow to avoid a caustic cat's smell.


At once clean all puddles left by a little kitten and carefully wash out bleaching powder. Do not leave cleaning for later.


To get rid of a smell of marks of the cats who are in the marriage period dissolve solution from dense chlorine-containing means and water in a spray. For this purpose simply pour water in a bottle, drip 5-6 drops of means, fasten a spray, a vzboltayta, let's time settle to a penalty fee and densely sprinkle all marks.


For removal of a smell on carpets, apply on a spot any cleaner for carpets, let's time to structure dry out, remove with the vacuum cleaner, sprinkle a carpet the divorced structure from a spray.


If carpets are soiled in multiple places, they simply should be removed and washed on the street by means of a hose or to give to a dry-cleaner.


To get rid of a smell of cat's urine in a basement where owners do to the favourites a manhole to go to a toilet, it is possible only by method of removal of a thick top layer of earth and a sprinkling chlorine-containing preparations. To process the big room bleaching powder, use a garden sprayer with which you process potatoes from the Colorado beetle.


If marks appeared in footwear or there the little kitten made a pool, the footwear should be washed completely with detergents and carefully to dry. Unfortunately any other method will not give 100% of a guarantee that the smell will disappear.


Constantly not to be engaged in elimination of a smell, it is better to prevent it. For this purpose carry a cat to the veterinarian, he will carry out the medical procedure forever relieving of desire to do marks during the autumn-spring period. Purposefully accustom a kitten to a tray, put it simply more often there and abuse for the left puddles on a floor. In time change a filler and carefully process a tray.


In apartments where constantly look after cats, never there is a specific smell.