How to train attention

How to train attention

To have ability to concentrate and for a long time it is necessary to keep attention to any person daily to carry out the duties as at work, and at home. Than you were engaged, having trained attention you improve results of the activity, thanks to that will be able to concentrate more long on making everything correctly.

It is required to you

Healthy food
Correct mode of a dream
Time for meditation

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To be more attentive, surely fully eat. Especially it concerns a breakfast at the beginning of day. After a dream glucose level in blood goes down therefore it is more difficult to you to concentrate.
Handful of nuts, wholegrain toast and freshly squeezed juice – the excellent decision for morning and for improvement of attention.


Never neglect a dream. A lack of a dream – the main reason of decrease in attention. Take for the rule to sleep enough (8 hours per day) and organize the daily routine so that always to lay down and rise at the same time.


Learn to meditate. Deeply breathe and relax at least for 10 minutes a day. It will improve your ability to concentrate.


Forget about the TV. It is accepted to keep in some families constantly the TV included. So people without noticing that many times reduce the attention. Constantly distracting even if inadvertently, on foreign sounds we only partly plunge into really important issues.


Excellent way to train attention – reading books. Read everyone gradually, concentrate on process and thus derive pleasure from a plot.


One more of the most effective and simple types of training of attention – switching on different types of activity. If you stayed some hours in office, trying to solve an important problem, distract, descend on walk. And on return you with ease will cope with the postponed work, thanks to the increased attention.