How bilberry jam prepares?

How bilberry jam prepares?
Berries of bilberry can be frozen for the winter, but thus the considerable part of the most useful vitamins is lost. From berries it is possible to cook tasty jam, it cooks very simply and vitamins partially remain. Here recipe:

Bilberry I spotted the recipe of jam at the girlfriend, she is the expert on preparations for the winter. And so on one kilogram of berries of bilberry it is necessary to take one thick glass tumbler of the water cleared and one glass (same) of granulated sugar. Plus still will be required one half of a lemon.

We pour in water in a kastryulka, we pour sugar into water and we cook syrup. Syrup is when sugar is completely dissolved in water and water becomes a little viscous (because of sugar). In syrup we squeeze out juice from a lemon, we fill up berries (which are washed out already) the bilberries and we boil on very much slow fire our bilberry jam of minutes twenty - twenty five.

We sterilize the jars, we spread jam and we cork. Covers too need to be sterilized.
In the winter in cold weather with what will drink tea.