How to advance the ideas

How to advance the ideas

If you not only the uncomplaining performer of others instructions, but also gush forth ideas, for certain had to face that people around watchfully belong to all new. Therefore any, even very good idea needs advance. But how it is correct to carry out it?

It is required to you

Offer, prices.

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That you were believed and stretched following, be not scattered by mere words. If you something lit up, check the development personally before going with the general idea to the potential partner or the sponsor.

Successfully to advance the ideas, conclude them in a material form. Make the offer where you describe advantages of own "idea", think and paint a price, try to answer possible questions which the interested person to you can set. If you "mumble", you will hardly apprehend seriously and at best will listen.

At the arrangement on a meeting with the potential partner or the client and on the most key for you a rendezvous, speak politely, accurately and without excess emotions. Skilled businessmen feel the person through and if you know that your idea is not faultless, they will understand it on your behavior.

It is worth offering the ideas to those people to whom they are really interesting. Try to begin with acquaintances, but only those who will be able to give a practical advice and a coma your thoughts can be useful. Do not rend the air just like that, sharing the practices with whom got. You will simply spend the time and nerves, and at the exit your story will give nothing.

After your acquaintances express personal opinion on your project, draw the conclusions. Perhaps, it is valid, it is necessary to finish thinking about something. If everything is normal, offer idea to with whom you see the further interaction. But only consider that, for example, on baking of buns the offer on an economical roof of a roof, etc. will be hardly interesting to the founder of the company.

Remember the most important: do not trust anybody. At the first meeting with the person who could support your idea in financial or some other plan, do not reveal at once any and all secrets. Otherwise there is a risk that your thought someone uses another, thus even without having told "thanks".