Vegetarianism or meat-eating?

Vegetarianism or meat-eating?
Vegetarianism - one of the directions in food which for some people becomes a way of life. Fierce disputes between supporters of vegetarianism and adherents of traditional food are still conducted. So, we will consider in more detail some moments concerning it.
It is necessary to notice that at the moment about 10% of inhabitants of the planet are vegetarians. Today the vegetarianism is the fashionable direction, getting every day new followers.
There are two options of how there was a vegetarianism. The first option is covered in translation of the Latin word "vegetarius" that means "vegetable". That is the food based on the use in food of products of a phytogenesis. The second option means an origin of the term "vegetarian" (vegetarian) from Greek "vegetas", that is "full of breath and life". This option which cornerstone health of a human body is. For the first time to use the term "vegetarianism" concerning itself and the vital principles there were founders of the British vegetarian society who took as a basis Latin derivative of "vegetarius" - "vegetus", meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy, fresh" and entered into use the expression of "homo vegetus" designating the personality developed spiritually and physically.
Since then the vegetarianism lodged in consciousness and a way of life of many people, and "Greenpeace" received, in turn considerable support for the account "spiritually and the representatives of the human race who are physically cleared".
What reasons of "travoyadnost"? The statistics claims that in most cases the main reason for transition to vegetarianism consists in aspiration to a healthy lifestyle. The second place is taken by the ethical and moral reasons, on the third place - ecological reasons.
In the list of famous vegetarians it is possible to meet such celebrated personalities as Socrates, Platon, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Lev Tolstoy, Albert Einstein and even Adolf Hitler.
Vegetarianism - the positive moments.
At the moment there is a set of the facts speaking about advantage of vegetarianism. Fact in evidence: life expectancy of vegetarians for 20 years more long than at meat eaters. The conducted researches show that immunity of the vegetarian also is in more best state, than adherents have myasoyedstvo. Vegetarians have twice below a risk of developing of heart attack, oncological diseases mortality rate is 60% lower. Many diseases such, as: diabetes, arthritis, obesity, asthma and even impotence at meat eaters meet several times more often than at vegetarians. A great number of nutritionists incline to opinion that vegetarian food promotes maintenance of an excellent physical form.
Also there is an opinion that the problem of transsexuals is related to meat-eating. It is reasoned by what even after preparation and processing in meat hormones of that floor to which the animal belonged remain. Also vegetarians are convinced that their diet promotes development of mental capacities.
Vegetarianism - the negative moments
The strict vegetarianism conceals in itself a set of reefs. So at its observance the human body does not receive (or receives less) vitamin D, necessary for growth and development of amino acid. If not pharmacological products, the diseases extended among vegetariayets would be: anemia, the increased fragility of bones, nervous and mental diseases, decrease in sexual function.
Physicians consider as optimum option for vegetarians a mild form of vegetarianism with the use in food of eggs, dairy products.
But, as it is possible to see, both the myasoyedstvo, and vegetarianism possess a set both negative, and merits. And how to eat, anyway, each person solves for himself independently.