Than oil from cherry stones is useful?

Than oil from cherry stones is useful?
Cherry tree - one of the most popular cultural plants. As excavation testifies, primitive people liked to regale on cherries. Under certificates of ancient Roman historians the first cherry tree as a precious trophy was brought from the Pontic area by the commander Lukull in the 1st century BC. At us cherry trees grow up since Kievan Rus'. In the first half of the 16th eyelid well-known "Domestic tyranny" recommends cherry for cultivation in gardens.

Oil from cherry stones – fragrant (it something reminds almond) and useful, has perfectly balanced zhirnokislotny structure. It can be used for culinary needs, to prepare various cosmetics on its basis and to accept in the medical purposes. Uniqueness of oil consists of cherry stones that it the only thing from all oils contains necessary amount of 4 main vitamins necessary for the correct exchange.

In lechebno – the preventive purposes oil from cherry stones usually is applied a course, lasting one month.

Oil from cherry stones reduces cholesterol level, is used for prevention and treatment of oncology, increases resistance to infections, improves working capacity, has soothing and antiburn properties, heals wounds without hems, is fine UV the filter, etc.