How to connect a telephone cable to the telephone socket

How to connect a telephone cable to the telephone socket

You want to install a wire telephone in a convenient place, but there is no socket for its connection? It is absolutely simple to establish it. Independent performance of this operation will borrow much less time, than tiresome expectation of the operator.

It is required to you

- telephone socket;
- screw-driver;
- nippers;
- telephone cable;
- cable box;
- self-tapping screws;
- screw gun.

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Installation of the additional telephone socket in certain cases can be avoided. For this purpose it will require to get a cord of such length that it was enough for connection it to the available socket the phone. For connection of the devices having a fixed cord it is possible to use the telephone extender.


If all of you decided to install the additional socket, it needs to be got first of all. They happen two types: tiny RJ-11 and large-size RTShK-4. Look, what fork your telephone set has and choose for it the corresponding socket. At the same time get a telephone cable and a cable box of the demanded length, and also self-tapping screws.


Take a cable box and fix it self-tapping screws on the way from the available telephone socket to an installation site of the new. Carry out a cable then close it in a box.


Tighten the new socket to a wall. Connect to it a cable as follows. If it is the RJ-11, conductors socket of a cable connect to two average contacts, and two extreme leave free. If the RTShK-4 socket is installed, open a fork of the telephone set and look, wires are connected to what its contacts. Connect to the same contacts also cable conductors in the socket. For reference use: according to the standard, in the RTShK-4 socket of a wire it is accepted to connect to two right contacts, but this requirement is not always observed. Close a fork and the socket.


Open the old socket. Pick up the phone on any parallel phone in the apartment that to the line the call signal capable to cause electric blow could not arrive. Connect a new cable parallel to the old. Close the socket and hang up on parallel phone.


Connect phone to the old socket. Be convinced that he earned. Also be convinced that other parallel devices did not lose working capacity.