How to draw water

How to draw water

In drawing ability of the artist is most of all appreciated is realistic to reflect any thing which he sees about himself. Big complexity for the beginning artists is represented by drawing of a water surface so that water looked authentically. The best way to create illusion of a surface of the water on paper is drawing by a water color – light transparent paint on a water basis.

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Moisten paper by means of the wide wet brush moistened in simple water.


Take a brush is thinner, choose color of paint, suitable for water, and start putting thin horizontal dabs on wet paper.


Define where in your drawing there will be a line of the horizon. Closer the line of the horizon of the line approach to each other closer, than farther they from the line of the horizon also are closer to bottom edge of a leaf – the more than a distance between lines. Such divergence in distances will allow you to achieve effect of prospect.


Always take a brush a small amount of paint. If to take too much paint, drawing will turn out too "dense", and you risk to spoil it too bright blots.


To make nasyshchenny the drawing foreground where water approaches bottom edge of a sheet of paper, cover paper with an easy bluish color, having parted a small amount of blue paint in water.


Over a color do dabs by a brush. That the effect of transparency and volume of water did not vanish, do dabs frequent is imitates waves and ripples, and also do not cover with a color all surface of paper. The line of water close to the horizon, it is possible to leave against a clean sheet.


Do not forget to finish according to the humidified leaf the sky without which water will not look is realistic. Combine blue, yellow, bluish and white-gray shades to simulate a cloudy or sunny weather.


In the foreground at desire you can draw a tree or a flower that will make your drawing more interesting.