How to be prepared for a laparoscopy

How to be prepared for a laparoscopy

The laparoscopy is a form of treatment or diagnostics at which integuments of the patient are not broken, but there is a surgical intervention. This procedure can be appointed at many diseases of an internal therefore the nobility as it is correct to be prepared for a laparoscopy, everyone owes.

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Indispensable condition of preparation is the psychological comfort. Even before signing of a consent to carrying out operation demand from your attending physician to provide you all important and necessary information. Including questions of possible complications, application of additional surgical resources, for example laparotomies, questions of blood transfusion have to be discussed. Very often before operation the doctor asks to organize blood delivery by your friends and relatives as material catastrophically is not enough. Do not hesitate with it as this blood can save life not only to you, but also someone from your relatives.


Approximately in two weeks prior to carrying out operation delivery of necessary analyses and drawing up the clinical record begins. Call to the doctor all available diseases, operations and injuries even if to you they seem insignificant. It is also necessary to tell about all medicine taken by you.


The doctor appoints administration of drugs which promote blood fluidifying. Do not change the schedule of drug intake at all or do not add any not stipulated preparations.


To be prepared for a laparoscopy, some days before carrying out operation amendments are introduced in the patient's diet. For three – four days to it the volume of food has to decrease, and also a depletive for clarification of intestines is accepted. It is also possible to accept the preparations interfering excessive gas generation.


If the patient suffers from excess weight, it can ask to grow thin a little.


Before carrying out operation, but not earlier, than in 24 hours prior to it, the patient has to take a shower with antibacterial soap, and also carefully and attentively to wash out a navel by means of a wadded tampon.


In 12 hours prior to procedure meal and liquids that is caused by need of the general anesthesia stops. Additional enemas can be also appointed.


If the patient has diabetes, operation is performed early in the morning.